2020 Gallery update

Now in it’s fifth year, The Cottage Gallery continues to evolve and show steady growth, which for me personally is very gratifying given the turbulent state of the “high street”, throughout the land. So a big thankyou to all my customers, for making it possible. Rest assured yours truly (resident artist and general dogsbody) will strive to keep the gallery fresh and current by introducing new and visually exciting artwork for your appreciation. So it’s always worth calling in to see what’s new in the gallery, no obligation and no hard sell, just comfortable surroundings where you can browse to your hearts content.

My own work continues to sell well and is collected by a loyal, enthusiastic clientele. Along side are two gallery favourites, Fin and Stephen Hanson (more on these artists in the artists section, yet to be published). Our affordable range of prints boasts a fabulous range of traditional and abstract pieces, many of which come hand embellished and beautifully presented. This website will eventually feature some of the best sellers (site work in progress).

Picture framing is at the forefront of what we do and with over 30 years in the business, we think we’re pretty good at it and if repeat business is anything to go by, so do our customers. (see our picture framing section).

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