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Cheshire based landscape artist, Ged Mitchell is best known for his moody panoramic watercolours featuring silver birch trees.

In recent years I’ve discovered a real appetite for experimenting with a variety of styles and techniques, resulting in a much more diverse portfolio than ever before. This is important to me as I like to paint everyday, but dont want to get bogged down or stale from working too much in a particular medium or style.

Let me first take you back a bit to how I got started and how it came to be……
My educational background Im sad to say was almost none existent, as I found school life dull. This was with the exception of art, which I could do reasonably well. Well enough in fact to be singled out by my art teacher to spend a lot more time than most other kids, furthering my art education in what was a pretty standard secondary modern school. Radical thinking by him, very fortuitous for me.

Despite this, I left school at the earliest opportunity, just 15 years old with no formal qualifications, never having sat an exam, and took a job as a photographer’s assistant and though the position was a brief one, the seed was sewn and photography has been of great interest ever since. I learnt much about composition and the use of light and colour to create a pleasing image, invaluable in my work as a painter. My photographs continue to serve as my sketch book providing a constant source of inspiration and reference.

Apart from my brief venture into photography, my working life was panning out like my school life… Dull. But by chance (or destiny perhaps), my interest in art was rekindled in late 1979 when I bought a small box of watercolours, and what started as a hobby soon became a passion. Little did I know then that I had stumbled on the one thing that would consume me and provide me with a living for the best part of 30 years. A healthy interest and demand for my watercolours enabled me to take the plunge as a professional artist in 1985 and have continued to show at major galleries throughout the UK and abroad, since doing so. With a number of images published as limited edition prints.

Included on this website is a cross section of my originals and prints of various styles and mediums, including watercolours to contemporary acrylics on box canvas. Also available are a small number of limited edition prints of my home town Sandbach. These and more can be seen on the walls of my new art showroom The Cottage Gallery in Alsager Cheshire, where I look forward to welcoming you in the future.

Please phone; 01270 878554 or 07748 806931 or Email Here

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